Andrew Wilcock
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 692-4254
EXPERIENCE 4/2000 - Present Mentor Graphics CorporationWilsonville, USA
Senior Engineer - Cabling/Harness Group

Designed and built next-generation tools for electrical harness design process (Capital Harness Systems - CHS).

  • I was directly involved in the early customer discussions for the next-generation suite of design tools. This included interviews and requirements gathering, distilling the various needs as well as presenting these findings back to the customers.
  • Was the key developer for the applications core architecture covering 2-D rendering, User interface, internal data modeling, algorithms and database interaction.
  • The design and the processes around it were very robust and easy to learn. Because of this, the integration time required for new developers to become productive was short and enabled the application and group to scale well and meet the needs of the customers.

This started as a task for a small team that grew into a much larger division with development currently split over 6 sites worldwide and now provides sales in excess of $12 million.

7/1997 - 4/2000 Mentor Graphics CorporationWilsonville, USA
Senior Engineer - Cabling/Harness Group

Developed applications for use in the electrical design process.

  • Managed the development and release of an schematic viewer (ViewWare) for the existing cabling design tools (LCable).
  • This was the first application in Mentor Graphics to be completely written in Java and was very well received by customers. In addition to the shrinkwrapped application, bespoke applications were also built that reused components from the viewer. The application was also well received by Sun Microsystems and was used by them to promote Java as a solution for other companies.
  • Worked very closely with customers in requirements gathering, development, training, installation, and support.
12/1995 - 7/1997 Mentor Graphics CorporationWilsonville, USA
Software Engineer - Design Creation

Continued the development of Personal Architect after the company merger.

  • Integrated the application into the Mentor Graphics development environment, including extending its functionality using proprietary libraries.
  • Added full Kanji support to the application; this included the user interface as well as the schematics themselves.
  • Managed Personal Architect through its sunset phase, as it was replaced by newer applications.
8/1992 - 12/1995 Cosoft Ltd.West Malling, UK
Software Engineer - Personal Architect

Worked on an electrical schematic capture package for the PC and UNIX platform. Due to the small size of the company (5 employees), much of the work was cross-functional.

  • Converted the user interface and adding functionality to the application to work similarly to the Mentor Graphics Design Architect application. Migrated to a client-server architecture to include a bridge to seamlessly save/load to the Mentor Graphics native format.
  • Updated user interface, changing from proprietary UI code to a native Windows application (on PCs) or Motif (on UNIX), both sharing the same codebase.
  • Worked directly with customers to define features, and integrate the application into their environment. Provided customer support.
  • Visited customers as part of the sales team, handling demonstrations, and technical questions.
  • Adding Web interface around existing file-based change tracking system for editing, search and replace.
  • System management of UNIX and PC network, email and internet connection.

Cosoft Ltd. merged with Mentor Graphics in December 1995. As part of the merger, I transferred to the US.

6/1990 - 9/1991 Digital Equipment CorporationReading, UK
Software Engineer - Integrated Office Systems Group (IOSG)

Employment was during the sandwich year of the degree. Responsible for improving the ALL-IN-1 office automation product.

  • Designing, writing and integrating new functionality into the office suite.
  • General bug fixing as an aid to learning about the codebase.
  • Developed automated test cases.

Digital Equipment Corporation provided sponsorship for final year at university as a result of the sandwich year.

EDUCATION 9/1988 - 6/1992 Portsmouth UniversityPortsmouth, UK
B.Sc. (Honours) 2i Computer Science
Key aspects of the course were artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, networks, databases, and digital system design.
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Architected and built large systems from the ground up as well as adding to existing applications.
expert - 15 years
Java architecture and development
Java libraries, covering JDK 1.1-1.4, JavaBeans, Java Remote Interface (RMI) and Java Native Interface (JNI).
expert - 8 years
Very familiar with usages of XML, Internationalization, schemas and related technologies - XSL, XML-RPC, SOAP, SAX and DOM.
expert - 6 years
Designed and built large-scale distributed applications.
expert - 6 years
Architected and developed large applications in a wide range of environments/platforms.
expert - 8 years
Web Technologies
HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, Struts, Hibernate, Java Server Pages (JSP).
expert - 8 years
Enterprise Technologies
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Servlets in Tomcat environment.
knowledgeable - 2 years
SQL, Database design and optimization, JDBC, MySQL, Oracle.
knowledgeable - 5 years
Other languages
Perl, Prolog and Python.
knowledgeable - 6 years
Project Management
For both commercial and open-source projects.
knowledgeable - 7 years
Able to create documentation and training for end users.
knowledgeable - 9 years
UNIX/PC system management
HP, Solaris in addition to Linux (RedHat/Mandrake/Ubuntu) and OpenBSD.
knowledgeable - 10 years
UI Look and Feel design
Java Swing, some MFC and Motif.
knowledgeable - 7 years
Current Green Card holder, UK/EEC Citizen, conversational French and German.

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